Back to Brazil!

Back to Brazil! 😎🤘🏻🌴

In 2018 we will once again cross the sea to meet up with our Brazilian fans.

This time we will do 3 gigs.

29/4 Port Alegre

30/4 São Paulo (Acoustic gig)

1/5 São Paulo 

See you there! And make sure to also visit the 2017 edition of THORHAMMERFEST with our friends in Ereb Altor and Skyforger

Cheers! 😎🍺

Scandinavian tour announced 

2018 can not begin in a better way!!

The 30th of January we will start the tour “Härnad i Norden 2018” and together with our friends in Ereb Altor and Cruachan five Scandinavian cities will be ravaged, plundered and conquered. We are very honored to set sail with these great bands and we are really looking forward to this tour.


Raise your horns brothers & sisters, we’ll meet soon!!


30 January – Oslo - Revolver

31 January - Karlstad - Nöjesfabriken

1 February - Copenhagen - Loppen

2 February - Gothenburg - Musikens Hus

3 February - Stockholm - Nalen

New website online

With the release of our new album "Mänegarm" we are glad to present our new redesigned homepage, with the same style of the artwork of the new release. Feel free to check the content, get informed and share it.
See you on the road!

Official video for "Sons of war" online!

At the shimmering break of dawn a battle was fought in a land far north…
"Sons of War" is the brand new video from Månegarm, taken from our new album Legions of the North.

Sons of war video

MÅNEGARM live in Stockholm February 15th 2014.

MÅNEGARM will kick some god damn ass together with Thyrfing and Netherbird in Stockholm February 15th 2014 at Bryggarsalen in Vasastan.

On tour in March 2014

MÅNEGARM on tour with Borknagar in March 2014.


Månegarm have been confirmed for Ragnarök festival 2014!

See you there!

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